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Konfident Kay Luxury Hair

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EFFECT:  Flirty, Flutter, Whispy.

LENGTH: 25mm

USES: 5-10 Uses with proper care.



Q: how long does the wigs itself usually last?

A: the wig unit itself can last up to 4 years with proper care. things can be replaced and the wig can be reconstructed with the same hair that was used prior, for a small fee.


Q: what is the difference between the human hair blend wig units and the custom wig units?

A: the human hair blended wig units have a premium synthetic hair fiber mixed with human hair that will last as long as two years with prooer care. in order to care for your human hair blended wig you will need a special silicone shAampoo to do so. The human hair wigs that are custom made are able to take any degree of heat, can be colored, and reused for up to 3 years. they are both great investments.



Q: How long does the virgin hair last? How many times can you use the bundles after you have had them installed?

A: the bundles can last for up to 3 years with the proper care. We have had clients that reused our hair for up to 7 times.



Q: how is the lace closure installed?

A: some stylists have different techniques that they like to use for the install. Some stylists use the glueless technique and others do prefer to use the glue technique be sure to ask your preffered hairstylist.


 Q: How long does the lace closure itself last, aside from sew ins?

A: as long as you are storing your closure correctly without being too aggressive with it when caring for it, it should last about 1-2 years before it will need to be replaced.



Q: What is the hair wax stick used for?

A: the hair wax stick is used fe or holding down the stubborn hairs that refuse to lay sleek. Many clients use this wax stick for their sew ins in the parting area or where their leave out is, some clients even use this wax stick with sleek ponytails.


Q: does the wax stick leave a white residue afterwards?

A: the wax stick does not leave a residue after being applied to your hair.


Q: does the hair growth oil really work?

A: yes! the hair growth oil works! However, you must maintain your upkeep in your natural hair care routine in order for you to see results!


Q: how long does the lace glue hold for?

A: the lace glue adhesive hold lasts for atleast two weeks once it is applied. 

Q: how do you remove the lace glue without damaging the edges of my hair?

A: you can take a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol or your favorite oil and apply it to the lace around the hairline. You will begin to feel it loosen up and start to detach itself from your hair. No need to forcefully pull it off. 


Q: how long does the sew in last when i get it installed?

A: the sew in, no matter the style, can typically last as long as 2 months. Longer than 2 months is not recommended,