Transparent Lace Closure Piece

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4x4 Transparent Lace Closure Piece 

Transparent lace closure piece will blend in with any skin tone and will natural. Has a pre plucked hairline that looks flawless when installed! 4x4 transparent lace closure frontal piece can be reused and used for many things. to see them in a bundle deal please view all of our products.

this piece is most popular for no leave out sew ins for natural hair styles, quick weaves or even wig making.

** this is the lace closure piece only! **

  •  does not require leave out 
  • does not require glue
  • can be reused up to 4 times


Q: How long does this last while being installed?

A: If installed properly, can last 3 weeks to an entire month without having to be touched up by your desired stylist.


Q: What is the maintenance with this piece? Does it require glue?

A: Usually a scarf to tie it down does the trick. However, some stylist do use glue, Ruby Kay does NOT.

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